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dotNETFest 2019: Code and Slides

I was invited to dotNETFest in Kyiv (thanks for having me! :)) to deliver two sessions: an in-depth session on OpenID Connect, and a session on working with OpenAPI/Swagger. As promised during the session, here are the links to the slides & code: OpenID Connect In-depth: code, slides Uncovering Swagger/OpenAPI: code, slides By the way,… Read more »


Two New Pluralsight Courses Covering REST in ASP.NET Core 3 Available Now!

I often announce my new Pluralsight courses here, but this time it’s a bit of a special announcement: not 1, but 2 new courses, both covering REST in the recently-released ASP.NET Core 3!  The first one is a beginner course: Building a RESTful API with ASP.NET Core 3.  This is what you can expect: In… Read more »


Code + PPTX: Api Security In-depth (Techorama NL 2019)

I just finished my session on enterprise-level API security with oAuth2 / OIDC – so for all of you who were there (and those who weren’t :-)), as promised, you can find my slides and code on my Github.  Here’s what it was all about: You probably know how to secure your API with access… Read more »


Marvin.Cache.Headers 4.0 Released

I’m happy to announce Marvin.Cache.Headers 4.0 was just released.  This release retargets Marvin.Cache.Headers to .NET Standard 2.0.  Next to bugfixes it also includes one breaking change: action-level attributes now override controller-level attributes instead of the other way around (as it should’ve been al along).  This release has also been tested with the current prerelease version… Read more »


Marvin.Cache.Headers 3.2.0 Released

A new release of Marvin.Cache.Headers has just been pushed to NuGet.  This one adds support for accessing the ValidatorValue from the ResourceContext when working with a custom ILastModifiedInjector.  This enables scenarios in which you can potentially set the LastModified data to whatever was stored in that ValidatorValue for the resource you’re working with.  Next to… Read more »


Marvin.StreamExtensions 1.1 Released

I just pushed a new version of Marvin.StreamExtensions to NuGet.  Version 1.1 contains a few bug fixes, adds additional async & cancellation token support, and adds support for reading & deserializing straight from the response message.  Have a look at milestone 1.1 on GitHub for more details.  Many thanks to Mauro Petrini, Tim VanFossom, Aaron… Read more »

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My Pluralsight Courses

When creating an application that uses EF Core you’ll quickly wonder how you can test your code. In this course you’ll learn about strategies that can help with testing your code by using in-memory database providers like InMemory and SQLite.

  • Intermediate

  • June 14th, 2019

Documenting an API is often regarded as a tedious yet essential task. By using OpenAPI / Swagger, which integrates nicely with ASP.NET Core, you can take on this task. In this course you’ll learn how to do that.

  • Intermediate

  • February 27th, 2019

In this course you’ll get an in depth look at using HttpClient and HttpClientFactory to integrate with an API, from basic CRUD operations over streaming and compression to dealing with errors and extending HttpClient with custom message handlers.

  • Intermediate

  • January 11th, 2019

Coding an asynchronous API comes with its own set of challenges. In this course you’ll learn what they are and how you can benefit from writing async code. You’ll learn how to do that starting at the bottom layer and working right up to the top.

  • Intermediate

  • August 14th, 2018

When you’re building an ASP.NET Core 2 MVC web app or API, you’ll want to secure it sooner than later. In this course, you’ll learn how to utilize OAuth2 and OpenID Connect, today’s widely-used standards, to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

  • Intermediate

  • June 21st, 2018

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