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Dynamically Typed Object Support for JsonPatch Released

Today is a good day Support for dynamics when using JsonPatch has just been released on NuGet! Do you need this?  Read this post to find out. First of all, a few words on what JsonPatch is: JsonPatch ( defines a JSON document structure for expressing a sequence of operations to apply to a JavaScript… Read more »


JsonPatch v0.9 Released

Holidays are over, time for a new release of Marvin.JsonPatch This release includes several bug fixes, a bunch of other fixed issues (see milestone 0.9 at GitHub), support for Xamarin projects (iOS, iOS Classic and Android), performance improvements and a contribution by Jakub Bartkowiak, which adds support for IList<T> properties (often used by NHibernate). Moreover:… Read more »


Techorama REST Best Practices: Slide deck + Code

Last week, on May 12th, I delivered a session on REST best practices at Techorama, Belgium’s premier IT conference.  Here’s a short overview of what that session was all about: REST used to be a buzzword, but these days, it’s a given: we’re all building REST-ful API’s (or want to be building them). Yet there’s… Read more »

My Pluralsight Courses

We all seem to be building RESTful APIs these days. But REST is bigger than that: it’s an architectural system. If you’re looking to learn what REST really is and how to build a RESTful API with Web API, aimed at multiple client types (web/mobile), this is the right course for you.  

  • Intermediate

  • March 5th, 2015

  • 5.0

XAML is the language of choice for WPF, Windows Phone, Windows Store, and Silverlight apps. This course is a very demo-driven, practical introduction to XAML, aimed at anyone who wants to get started with XAML.

  • Beginner

  • July 16th, 2014

  • 4.8

This course covers the different aspects of performance in Windows 8 applications, a definite must for any Windows 8 developer. Learn about the impact of how your XAML is structured, working with large collections & virtualization, async, analytics, and much more.  

  • Intermediate

  • August 30th, 2013

  • 4.9

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