Announcing DevStories Meetup ASP.NET Core: Securing a Web App and API with OAuth2 and OIDC

I’m happy to announce a new DevStories session where Wesley Cabus & me will explain how to secure an ASP.NET Core web application & API.  DevStories sessions are free, everyone is welcome, and free food & drinks are included! :-)

It’s the third of three sessions on ASP.NET Core.  Previously, we built an API & a web app consuming that API.  In this one, we’ll dive into OAuth2.0 & OpenID Connect, extensively using IdentityServer4 along the way. 

There’s no need to have followed the previous two sessions, you can just tag along as you see fit :) 

Interested?  Be there, Thursday, September 28th, in Antwerp (Kontich).  More info & join/RSVP on the DevStories page

Cya there?

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