Announcing: Using HttpClient to Consume APIs in .NET Core Course Published at Pluralsight

I created quite a few courses on building APIs with ASP.NET Core in the past.  One of the questions that often pops up is “ok, well, now how do I consume such an API?”  If you’re wondering about that as well, my new course is for you :-)  It’s an in-depth look at using HttpClient & HttpClientFactory to consume APIs from (ASP).NET Core applications.  Here’s the full description.

Applications, ranging from ASP.NET Core web apps over mobile Xamarin apps and Windows apps to Console apps often integrate with an API. For that, HttpClient is the default and best option.

But there’s a lot more to using it than just sending a request and reading out the response. In this course you’ll get an in depth look at using HttpClient and HttpClientFactory, from the internals over basic CRUD interaction to working with streams and compression. We’ll also cover cancelling requests that are no longer needed.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to use custom message handlers to improve the reliability of your requests and to unit test. After this course you’ll know the ins and outs of integrating with an API from a variety of application types.

You can view the course here.  If you don’t have an account yet, don’t worry: you can easily start with a free trial.

Happy coding! :-)

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