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Techorama NL Session: Best Practices for Building Async APIs


If you’re a developer and live in Belgium you’ve undoubtedly heard of Techorama, Belgium’s biggest IT conference.  Well, this year they’re expanding to the Netherlands!  The first edition of Techorama in the Netherlands will be held on October 1-3 in Ede.  I’ll be there to deliver a session, Best Practices for Building Async APIs in… Read more »

Announcing: Building an Async API with ASP.NET Core Course Published at Pluralsight


I’m very happy to announce that today my new Pluralsight course, Building an Async API with ASP.NET Core, went live!  Here’s what you can expect: Coding an asynchronous API comes with its own set of challenges. In this course, Building an Async API with ASP.NET Core, you will gain the ability to increase the scalability… Read more »

New Release: Marvin.Cache.Headers 2.0


I’m very happy to announce that Marvin.Cache.Headers just hit 2.0.  Marvin.Cache.Headers is middleware for ASP.NET Core which adds HttpCache headers to responses (Cache-Control, Expires, ETag, Last-Modified) and implements cache expiration & validation models. It can be used to ensure caches correctly cache responses and/or to implement concurrency for REST-based APIs using ETags. It’s a pretty… Read more »

Announcing: Securing ASP.NET Core 2 with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect Course Published at Pluralsight


A while ago I created a Pluralsight course focused on securing ASP.NET Core with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect.  That one was built using ASP.NET Core 1.1.  I got a lot questions asking for a new course that would focus on ASP.NET Core 2, as quite a bit changed in regards to authentication/authorization between Core 1… Read more »

Solving Correlation Failed: State Property Not Found Errors (OpenID Connect Middleware / ASP.NET Core)


Recently we ran into an issue at one of my clients when integrating an ASP.NET Core application with an IDP using the OpenID Connect middleware.  When running the application locally everything worked as expected: the middleware takes care of most of the hard work as far as generating the calls the authorization & token endpoints,… Read more »

Announcing: Building Business Applications with Angular and ASP.NET Core course at Pluralsight


I’m very happy to announce that my latest Pluralsight course, Building Business Applications with Angular and ASP.NET Core, went live. I a lot of fun creating this one!:-)  It’s aimed at those of you who already know a thing or two about Angular and ASP.NET Core – so it’s not a beginner course.  It only… Read more »

Figuring out Why Your Access Token is Invalid (OWIN/Katana)


I was doing some consultancy work for a client today and had to integrate with an IDP to secure an API.  Somehow however, the access tokens provided by the IDP couldn’t be validated.  For access token validation I by default use IdentityServer’s AccessTokenValidation middleware as it adds some nifty features to MS’s JWT Bearer Authentication… Read more »

Techorama 2018 Session: OpenID Connect in Depth


I’m happy to announce I’ll again be speaking at Techorama, Belgium’s biggest IT conference, this year.  My session is named OpenID Connect in Depth: a level 400 session on OIDC, covering the less than obvious stuff.  Here’s what to expect: You’ve used OpenID Connect.  You know a thing or two about OAuth.  But have you… Read more »