DevStories Meetup: Building an API with ASP.NET Core

Have you ever heard of DevStories?  These are regular evening talks about software development and operations, organised through Meetup & sponsored by Realdolmen (free food! free drinks! :)).

Starting on April 13th, Wesley Cabus & I will deliver 3 sessions on ASP.NET Core.

In the first session I’ll explain what .NET Core & ASP.NET Core are, and we’ll build an API with it.

In the second session (end of May, beginning of June – date to be announced), Wesley will show you how to build an ASP.NET Core MVC application that consumes that API.

And in the third session (date to be announced), Wesley and I will show you how to secure both the web app & API, using OAuth2, OpenID Connect & IdentityServer4.

You’re free to follow all three, or just pick the one you’re interested in.

Want to go?  You can now join the first session on April 13th (7pm, Kontich near Antwerp) on Meetup.

Cya there? :)

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