Join Me at Techorama 2019–Space Edition

Part of the Techorama 2019 – Space Edition agenda has been released, and I’m on it :) Techorama is Belgium’s biggest IT conference, with about 1700 expected attendees and over 130 sessions.  I’ll deliver a (completely new!) session on using HttpClient in .NET Core.  Some info:

Applications, ranging from ASP.NET Core web apps over mobile Xamarin apps and Windows apps to Console apps often integrate with an API. For that, HttpClient is the default and best option. But there’s a lot more to using it than just sending a request and reading out the response. In this session you’ll get an in depth look at using HttpClient, from the internals over improving basic CRUD interaction with streams to working with compression. You’ll also learn how and why to cancel requests that are no longer needed.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to improve the reliability of your application with custom HttpMessageHandlers, and you’ll learn how (and why) to use the new HttpClientFactory for HttpClient instance management. 

If you want to join: tickets are available right now, including a limited number of Early Bird tickets.  Hope to see you there! :)

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