JsonPatch v0.9 Released

Holidays are over, time for a new release of Marvin.JsonPatch :-)

This release includes several bug fixes, a bunch of other fixed issues (see milestone 0.9 at GitHub), support for Xamarin projects (iOS, iOS Classic and Android), performance improvements and a contribution by Jakub Bartkowiak, which adds support for IList<T> properties (often used by NHibernate).

Moreover: it brings it in line with the upcoming initial release of Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic, which will be released *very soon* (watch this space :)).  It’s also better aligned with the work done on JsonPatch in ASP .NET 5 – the upcoming beta8 release of ASP .NET 5, Marvin.JsonPatch & the upcoming Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic release can be used together where needed.

In short, if you’re using Marvin.JsonPatch, you’ll want to grab this :)  Happy coding!

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