Marvin.JsonPatch 1.1 Released

I’m happy to announce that a new version of Marvin.JsonPatch has just been released.  The main addition to v1.1 is that you can now choose how to serialize your patch document as far as property casing is concerned, by passing it in to the JsonPatchDocument<T> constructor as such:

JsonPatchDocument<SimpleDTO> patchDoc = new JsonPatchDocument<SimpleDTO>(CaseTransformType.CamelCase);

You can choose to keep the original casing, uppercase, lowercase or camel casing.  Thanks a lot to Michael Lee for the PR!

Next to that, the release also includes a few bug fixes, and the GetPath method on the ExpressionHelpers class is now exposed.  You can use this in your code (eg: when creating a custom IObjectAdapter) to get the actual path to a property as used by the component.  Have a look at the v1.1 milestone for more details.

Happy coding! :-)

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