Marvin.JsonPatch & Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic Reach v1 Milestone

Today, I’m very happy to announce that I’ve released Marvin.JsonPatch & Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic v1!  The packages provide support for the Json Patch standard, used for partial updates for RESTful API’s. This should be considered a stable, production-ready release, and both are now feature complete.  The most notable changes for Marvin.JsonPatch are:

  • Support for JsonProperty on model classes
  • Support for JsonProperty attributes when (de)serializing a JsonPatchDocument
  • Support for Injecting a custom ContractResolver

For Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic, the most notable change is support for JsonProperty attributes when (de)serializing a JsonPatchDocument (it already supported JsonProperty attributes on model classes). It also allows injecting a custom ContractResolver.

If you happen to find issues or you have a feature request, feel free to file an issue on GitHub (Marvin.JsonPatch, Marvin.JsonPatch.Dynamic).

Happy coding! :)

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