Marvin.StreamExtensions v1.2 Released

PouyaMoridian submitted a PR to Marvin.StreamExtensions recently that allows injecting JsonSerializerSettings when using the extension methods.  I figured a new release would be appropriate as I think quite a few people will find this useful.  It allows full customization of how your objects are serialized, including the option to have property names CamelCased. 

If you’re curious about Marvin.StreamExtensions, here’s a short description. 

A set of helper extension methods (on Stream) for working with streams. Particularly useful for interaction with an API through HttpClient. Includes 24 extension methods in total (sync & async where it makes sense, generic & non-generic) like SerializeToJsonAndWriteAsync<T>, SerializeToJsonAndWrite and ReadAndDeserializeFromJson<T>.

You can find the latest release over on NuGet.  Happy coding! :)

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