New Release: Marvin.Cache.Headers 2.0

I’m very happy to announce that Marvin.Cache.Headers just hit 2.0.  Marvin.Cache.Headers is middleware for ASP.NET Core which adds HttpCache headers to responses (Cache-Control, Expires, ETag, Last-Modified) and implements cache expiration & validation models. It can be used to ensure caches correctly cache responses and/or to implement concurrency for REST-based APIs using ETags.

It’s a pretty big release with a bug fixes, unit tests and most notably: action & controller-level support for overriding the default validation & expiration options.  For info on how to use them, have a look at the project on GitHub.

Note that this is a major release which includes a small breaking change: some of the property names for setting validation/expiration model options have been slightly adjusted to better align with the standard.

Big shout-out to David Cumps who worked a lot on this release!

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John Grant

Hi Kevin, Really great package, HttpCacheHeaders. I think its going to prove to be really useful. I see you have a backlog item open #5 to choose validators or expires or both. I would specifically like this feature. Do you need any help with it? Would you like me to implement and issue a pull request? Thanks again!

Kevin Dockx

Hi John, sorry for the late reply, I seem to have missed this. PR’s are always welcome! :) Do make sure you work on the latest version as a lot of work has been done already for v3 :)

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