New Release: Marvin.JsonPatch 2.2

This is a post I wasn’t expecting to write :-)  Marvin.JsonPatch, my library to add support for JsonPatch to .NET, just got a new release.  It’s a small change a few people asked for: multitarget support (including netstandard2.0).  As you may or may not know, Marvin.JsonPatch was originally built in 2014 (I’m getting old…), targeting the .NET Framework 4.x.  Some time later, when ASP.NET Core was under development, I ported it to it and it became an integral part of ASP.NET Core.  Currently, it’s available as Microsoft.AspNetCore.JsonPatch

With that in mind I figured updating the original Marvin.JsonPatch to support netstandard2.0 (and/or other monikers) wouldn’t be very useful, but it’s a small change and thanks to jjmanton’s PR, this was a breeze.

So here we go, an unexpected new version of Marvin.JsonPatch – enjoy! :)

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