Announcing: Documenting an ASP.NET Core API with OpenAPI / Swagger Course Published at Pluralsight


If you’ve been following my courses at Pluralsight you know I’m mostly focused on APIs and security.  Up until now, I never really touched upon documenting such an API.  Well, today I’m happy to announce that my new course is a deep dive into documenting an ASP.NET Core API with OpenAPI (Swagger) – and it’s… Read more »

Feature Release: Marvin.Cache.Headers 3.1


I just pushed a new release of Marvin.Cache.Headers to NuGet.  This feature release adds a new extension point (via ILastModifiedInjector) that allows injecting the LastModified date for resources for which you explicitly know that date. By default the middleware assumes the LastModified date is the date at which the request first hits the middleware.  In… Read more »

Join Me at Techorama 2019–Space Edition


Part of the Techorama 2019 – Space Edition agenda has been released, and I’m on it Techorama is Belgium’s biggest IT conference, with about 1700 expected attendees and over 130 sessions.  I’ll deliver a (completely new!) session on using HttpClient in .NET Core.  Some info: Applications, ranging from ASP.NET Core web apps over mobile Xamarin… Read more »

Announcing: Using HttpClient to Consume APIs in .NET Core Course Published at Pluralsight


I created quite a few courses on building APIs with ASP.NET Core in the past.  One of the questions that often pops up is “ok, well, now how do I consume such an API?”  If you’re wondering about that as well, my new course is for you   It’s an in-depth look at using HttpClient… Read more »

New Release: Marvin.StreamExtensions


I just released a new NuGet package, Marvin.StreamExtensions.  It contains a set of helper extension methods (on Stream) for working with streams which I find particularly useful for interacting with an API through HttpClient. Working with streams when interacting with an API has the advantage of lowering your memory footprint and potentially improves performance as… Read more »

Techorama NL 2018 Session (Async Best Practices): Code + Slidedeck


I just finished my session at Techorama NL 2018 on Best Practices for Building Async APIs in ASP.NET Core.  Here’s what that was about: Did you know the main driver for async isn’t performance but scalability?  Ever wondered why it makes sense to async I/O-bound tasks, but why doing the same with a long-running algorithm… Read more »

Marvin.Cache.Headers 3.0 hit RTM!


Today I’m very happy to announce that Marvin.Cache.Headers 3.0 reached RTM.  This is a *big* release, very much focused on customization.  If you’re new to Marvin.Cache.Headers, here’s what to expect: Marvin.Cache.Headers is ASP.NET Core middleware that adds HttpCache headers to responses (Cache-Control, Expires, ETag, Last-Modified), and implements cache expiration and validation models.  It can be… Read more »

Techorama NL Session: Best Practices for Building Async APIs


If you’re a developer and live in Belgium you’ve undoubtedly heard of Techorama, Belgium’s biggest IT conference.  Well, this year they’re expanding to the Netherlands!  The first edition of Techorama in the Netherlands will be held on October 1-3 in Ede.  I’ll be there to deliver a session, Best Practices for Building Async APIs in… Read more »

Announcing: Building an Async API with ASP.NET Core Course Published at Pluralsight


I’m very happy to announce that today my new Pluralsight course, Building an Async API with ASP.NET Core, went live!  Here’s what you can expect: Coding an asynchronous API comes with its own set of challenges. In this course, Building an Async API with ASP.NET Core, you will gain the ability to increase the scalability… Read more »