Techorama 2017: REST, Just the Hard Parts

I’m happy to announce I’ll again be delivering a session at Techorama (Belgium’s biggest IT conference) in May of this year.

My session is titled “REST – Just the Hard Parts”.  Not for the faint of heart :)

REST is… a bit of a wonder really. It’s probably the most misused term for describing APIs, as most RESTful APIs that are called RESTful aren’t really RESTful. That’s because REST is an architectural style that isn’t that easy to correctly implement. In this advanced session, we’ll dive into the more challenging parts of REST: from using the correct media types (and why that’s so important) over handling collection resource creation in one go, handling pesky CalculateTotal()-RPC-like functions, method safety and idempotency, right up to implementing HATEOAS support. And we’ll do all of this using ASP.NET Core.

By the way, be fast: Techorama tickets are already 60% sold out!

Cya there?

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