Techorama 2018 Session: OpenID Connect in Depth

I’m happy to announce I’ll again be speaking at Techorama, Belgium’s biggest IT conference, this year.  My session is named OpenID Connect in Depth: a level 400 session on OIDC, covering the less than obvious stuff.  Here’s what to expect:

You’ve used OpenID Connect.  You know a thing or two about OAuth.  But have you ever wondered how to achieve Single Sign-On between Angular & ASP.NET Core MVC apps, and automated Single Sign-Out?  How, and why, to work with reference tokens?  How to create a custom grant, and for what use case that might be a good idea?  Or even how to handle multi-tenancy?

In this in-depth session we’ll cover all of these topics, extensively using IdentityServer4 in the process.   Note that some previous knowledge on OpenID Connect is a must.

You can get tickets for Techorama here.  My session is planned for Thursday May 24th, 15h.  Cya there? :-)

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