Techorama REST Best Practices: Slide deck + Code

Last week, on May 12th, I delivered a session on REST best practices at Techorama, Belgium’s premier IT conference.  Here’s a short overview of what that session was all about:

REST used to be a buzzword, but these days, it’s a given: we’re all building REST-ful API’s (or want to be building them). Yet there’s a lot to talk about and a lot that can go wrong when building a REST-ful API. In this session, we’ll dive into best practices concerning URI design/routing, partial updates, filtering, sorting & paging, data shaping, versioning and more. We’ll learn about the standards that have been created to allow some of these requirements, and how you can use them, with one purpose in mind: build a truly evolvable, cross-platform consumable REST-ful API.

In short, you’ll learn about the good, the bad and the ugly, in a code-fuelled session.

At the session, I promised I’d put both the slide deck and the code from that session on this blog for those who were interested.  So: here you go :)

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