Two New Unit Testing Courses Available Now!

I’m happy to announce that over the weekend not one but two new courses went live!  Unit Testing an ASP.NET Core 6 MVC Web Application and Unit Testing an ASP.NET Core 6 Web API.  Here’s what you can expect (description of the first course):

Unit testing improves the reliability of your application. In this course, Unit Testing an ASP.NET Core 6 MVC web application, you’ll learn the ins and outs of unit testing with First, you’ll explore the Arrange, Act and Assert pattern by covering core unit testing scenarios like asserting on strings, collections and exceptions. Next, you’ll discover different approaches to set up your test context, work with data-driven tests and how to isolate tests. Finally, you’ll learn different approaches to testing MVC-specific concerns like testing controllers, middleware and filters. At the end of the course you’ll learn how to integrate testing in your workflow and you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to improve your ASP.NET Core MVC application reliability with unit testing.

If you don’t have a Pluralsight account, don’t worry – you can register for a free trial here

Happy coding! :)

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