Want to Learn XAML? New Pluralsight Course Online!

When I got home from a few weeks of holiday, I found a very enjoyable mail in my mailbox: I’m very pleased to announce that my new Pluralsight course, XAML Jumpstart: Getting Started With XAML, is now live!

When you’re living in the Microsoft world, XAML is everywhere: it’s used in WPF, Silverlight, for Windows Phone & Windows Store apps.  Since the release of the new Xamarin version, we can also use it to build cross-platform mobile applications.  In conclusion: you should probably know XAML :-)

And that’s what this new course is for.  It covers XAML in a very practical, demo-driven way, so you can start building apps right away. The topics include syntax, shapes, brushes and masks, working with controls & content models, panels, trees & the layout system, right up to interacting with XAML, data binding, styling and working with resources. The course also offers an overview of how you can analyze & debug your XAML code.

Here’s the complete index:

  • An Introduction to XAML
  • Basic Elements, Shapes, Brushes and Masks
  • Control Basics and Interacting With Them
  • Panels and the Layout System
  • Data Binding Essentials
  • Working With ItemsControls
  • Using Resources and Styling Controls
  • Debugging and Analyzing XAML
  • Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

So, if you’re interested in learning XAML, check it out.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed creating it.  Happy  coding (/learning)! :-)

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